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Edward Elric

The Fullmetal Alchemist

10/26/04 10:40 pm - All right...

Haven't updated this in a while. So I stole Scar's laptop (he's unconscious, I'll get to that in a bit).

Anyway, we're here in Ishbal. Scar came and attacked me today, but then Winry came out of nowhere (to give me oil) on a tractor and ran over him. o.O Then Scar's arm went all weird and red and some ancient lost civilization rose out of the sand.

That was... odd... then Al insisted on tending to Scar's wounds and stuffing him in his body, and the four of us all went into the civilization to see what was there.

Oh, at this time, the Colonel had disappeared somewhere, so it was just Winry, Al, Scar, and I.

After entering, we ran into Martel. We asked her for information, and though she was reluctant to tell us, we found out that the Homonculi are there plotting something bad. She also told us other things that would probably be best not to release publicly...

When Martel told us all she could, she went away, and that's when I decided that we should make a heat-detecting machine to find the Homonculi easier. So Winry's drawing up the blueprints right now, and tomorrow she's going to get started on actually making it.

By the way, Mustang did come back. He was hunting miniskirts.

I'm going to sleep now. Let's pretend I never borrowed the laptop, okay?

10/24/04 10:46 am - >.>

There's a blatant lack of computers here in Ishbal. Gluttony probably ate most of them, except for the one that he's most obviously using.

Ah, the power's shorting out on this one. Must get going.

10/20/04 04:00 pm

Ishbal sucks.

10/17/04 12:03 am - It WASN'T a date.

Back from the theatre... it was a lot of trouble getting ready to go out, because this was a nice theatre and a nice restaurant. So I had to polish Al's armor and then hunt down a nice suit to rent. It was hard finding one in my size. :(

The play was... uh, it was interesting. I definitely didn't fall asleep during it. Fairies are stupid and don't exist.

Well, I should get to sleep for a few hours before setting out for Ishbal in the morning.

((OOC: You know what I realizedlast weekend when rewatching episode 14 with my brother? The title "Hakai no Migite" [Right Arm of Destruction] refers to Scar's right arm, not Full Metal Alchemist Guy's. And when Scar did make a remark about Full Metal Alchemist Guy also having a right arm of destruction, he loudly insisted that it WASN'T. OOPS. OH WELL. I'M NOT PAYING FIFTEEN DOLLARS TO CHANGE THE JOURNAL NAME. :DDD))

10/16/04 01:46 am - Well...

Al and I are leaving for Ishbal tomorrow to chase Gluttony. Tonight we're taking Winry out for dinner and then to the theatre where we will be seeing "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

...That's pretty much it. Life hasn't been too interesting.

10/14/04 01:05 am - Umm...

Mustang, you moron. Why don't you make sure the place actually exists before assigning nine soldiers eight soldiers and a civilian to the mission??

Mission ReportCollapse )

QUESTION!! Why the HELL would we potentially need THAT many people to capture Gluttony?!

...And why aren't the Colonel and his little posse in East City?? Gluttony doesn't require THAT much attention! Geez!!

((OOC: I hope I got everyone's military ranks right. :/ I just made up Breda's because I couldn't remember/find his...))

10/12/04 11:09 am - ...



10/11/04 04:02 pm - ...

Winry's been here since around noon fixing up my automail. It's going pretty well, I think. They'll be reattached later tonight, or tomorrow around noon at the latest.

I've just been reading.


10/10/04 12:56 pm - I really want my limbs again.

Do you know how hard it is to read a book with one hand, especially when the book won't stay open by itself? A lot harder than it is to type one-handed, that's for sure.

The officers that were sent to get me a prosthetic leg never came back - I have a sneaking suspision that they were, ah, found by a certain not-human whose name begins with G and ends with luttony.

Al went to Central Library yesterday and checked out some books for me to occupy myself with. He didn't have access to most of the books that would have been most helpful to me since he's not a State Alchemist (even though I gave him my silver watch), so he came back with some recreational reading instead (The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Valley of Fear). So I've been spending my time reading.

Winry should be coming this afternoon, so I'll be able to actually get up and around soon. FINALLY.

((OOC: We can all ignore the fact that Sherlock Holmes probably didn't exist in the HagaRen world, right? :D??))

10/8/04 07:50 pm - ...

Hey, that smoothmolasses...


Never mind.

I'm dying of boredom here. Some officers were sent to get me some cheap temoporary prosthetic leg, but they haven't come back yet. Lazy bums, they're taking longer than they should.

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